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Survey: Should gay couples be allowed to marry and adopt?


@mruuth Gay rights should never be anything else than human rights. Gay love is human love. Marriage and adoption should be equal.

— Liss Tig Heter (@lisstigheter) November 7, 2013

Robert Rask, 37. Self-employed consultant in Stockholm, Sweden:

– Every grown person should be able to get married to whom they choose. Anyone who is considered to be an appropriate parent should be able to adopt. Whether a person is deemed as an appropriate parent has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Linnea Huhta, 23. Studies theoretical law in Luleå, Sweden:

– How the heck can a thing like sexual orientation be a valid ground for not getting to adopt? We are individuals, we are not our orientation neither walking sexes and so on. If an individual is assessed as appropriate then it’s appropriate regardless of orientation and spouse or whatever. So, to clarify, yes. Sorry for the outburst of words and emotions. It had to be said.


@mruuth In my opinion, my gay brother should have the same rights to get married and start a family as I do.

— Lina Olofsson (@linamariasofia) November 7, 2013