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Always be your best

Feb 21, 2016 | Akademi Valand |

Jag hittade det här på www.alwaysbeyourbest.com och kände att jag fick lite ont i magen av att läsa det, så det borde vara mer eller mindre ”on point” för det jag vill göra. Min tanke är att försöka matcha upp en variation genom att ha de här som någon slags jämförelse. Jag kommer inte göra exakt de här sex, men vill gärna inte fastna i att alla mina bilder skulle hamna under samma rubrik.


Being your personal best can be a challenge. To be your best, you have to balance your best in six areas:

  • Always be at your INTELLECTUAL best.
  • Always be at your SOCIAL best
  • Always be at your MORAL best.
  • Always be at your PHYSICAL best.
  • Always be at your SPIRITUAL best.
  • Always be your best at WORK.

Be your INTELLECTUAL best.
To be your intellectual best, you should first do your best in school. Pay attention in class, complete assignments, study, and achieve the best grades that you can. Working hard and doing your best with school causes your brain to gain new abilities. Also, find out about current events in the world and read other topics that interest you.

Be your SOCIAL best.
To be your social best, try to behave in a way that makes it easy for others to get along with you. Avoid saying or doing things that are offensive. Help others when they need it. Give small complements to others. Act happy and optimistic, because positive feelings rub off on others. Doing these things over time will get you more friends.

Be your PHYSICAL best.
To be your physical best, you have to take care of yourself. Try to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise 30 minutes each day, with a cardio work out at five days per week. Be careful of what you take in. Eat healthy, and don’t use drugs and alcohol.  Don’t engage in behavior that increases your changes of injury or infections. Get medical attention if there are symptoms, and follow the doctor’s treatment plan.

Be your MORAL best.
To be your moral best, explore your values and live them. Accept the basic values as your own, such as, honesty, acceptance, safety. Don’t take unfair advantage of others. Know the laws that apply to your life and follow the laws, since getting into legal trouble is such a hassle. Follow your parent’s rules and guidance, as they have been there before and they have your best interest in their hearts.

Be your SPIRITUAL best.
If you believe in God, being your spiritual best means maintaining your relationship with God. Pray and try to do what you know God wants you to do. If you don’t believe in God, try to keep an open mind and keep searching for the answers to life’s mysteries.

Be your best at WORK.
To be your best at work, you should try to keep motivated and not be lazy. In a paid job, come on time, have a positive attitude, and pay attention to details. For everyday chores, keep focus, work efficiently, and do the job right the first time. By completing tasks correctly and efficiently, you will gain the respect and advance.